Article 370 and 35A Revoked. What next in Government’s agenda?

The new Map of Jammu and Kashmir after resolution to Scrap Article 370

BJP on 8th April 2019, released its manifesto and scrapping of Article 370, Uniform Civil Code, Ram Mandir was among the promises which helped BJP Win 303 seats and NDA 353. After forming Government, BJP had decided to fix all the issues and fulfil promises one by one.

2019 General election results
Triple Talaq bill

The historical triple talaq bill was passed by both houses and signed by President of India on 31st July this year. It is seems to be the step towards the Uniform Civil Code since Instant divorce will not be practised in India and the couple have to apply for the divorce in the same manner the other communities do.

Article 370, 35A

On Monday, Home minister Amit Shah brought the resolution in RS and he pushed for the end of Special status for the state of J&K. Things changed dramatically in the state of J&K. First deployment of 10000 additional troops in Kashmir on July 25. sending another 28,000 in state and Center asked military and IAF to be on high alert. First Stopping the Amarnath Yatra, and next day cutting down Amarnath Yatra and asking pilgrims and tourists to leave Valley as soon as possible.

Mahbooba Mufti, Umar Abdullah were house arrested. High level meeting with NSA and chiefs of intelligence agencies and then addressing the house. and it all happened in the time frame of 8-10 days.

What changed in J&K?

As per resolution, state of J&K to be divided in 2 UT, 1. Ladakh and 2. J&K. Ladakh will be UT with no Assembly and J&K will be UT with Assemble. After Scrap of Article 370 and 35A What changes are going to take place, let’s have a look :

  • There will be no separate Flag for the State
  • Indian Constitution will apply there and Constitution of J&K will not.
  • Dual Citizenship of Kashmiris will end. there will be only one Citizenship of India
  • Any Indian Citizen from any state can buy land and settle in Kashmir
  • RTE, RTI Will be applicable to state of J&K.
  • Rights of Kashmiri women will not be taken away if she get married to a man other than state of Kashmir.
Who supported and who opposed in house
Congress was the only national Party who opposed the resolution along with few other regional Parties.

After the Deployment of additional 38,000 troops, it was sure that Government is planning something big. Social media was full of speculations and rumors. more speculation was about Scrapping of Article 35A.

After Scrap of Article 370, Social Media started appreciating to the Government and #Modihaitomumkinhai and #NayaKashmir #AmitShah was trending on twitter. Some hilarious memes were also circulated after Article 370 was scrapped.

It was also the international Friendship day on Sunday

Since now any Indian citizen can buy land in Kashmir, Bollywood pictures were used for the memes

On 6th August, Amit Shah Will answer all the question in Lok sabha related to J&K resolution. The amendment bill has been passed from Rajya Sabha with 125 Votes in Favour and 61 in against of it.

What is next by Modi Government?

If we go as per Manifesto of BJP 2019, The next thing BJP can work on is NRC. BJP, is in no mood to spare the Rohingyas and other intruders. NRC is now applicable in State of Assam and Amit Shah has said that intruders has to go from India since Indians has the first right to resources. NRC is also helpful in WB politics.

What is NRC?

NRC Means National Register of Citizens of India. It is register Containing the names of Indian Citizens. the Aim of NRC is to identify the Genuine Indian citizen of Assam and identifying the illegal migrants who are currently residing in the state of Assam. Chief Justice of India is closely monitoring the NRC Process.

By looking at the speed, Amit shah may propose the bill in the next Parliament session (winter session). Amit Shah is already known for the minister with different and aggressive working style.