Imran Khan’s first USA Visit

Imran Khan was on his 3 day US Visit

Imran Khan travelled in Metro after landing to US

Pakistani PM during his US Visit, was trolled and appreciated for multiple reason. What all happened in 3 days, let’s have a look.

Imran Khan got appreciations in Pakistan for his flight. Imran Khan took the Commercial flight of Qatar Airways for his official USA trip. He preferred commercial jet instead of private jet. Pak PM took decision to save the Government exchequer.

Imran Khan also received appreciations for staying at Ambassador (Envoy’s) house instead of Hotel. It has saved money of Government and people. People of Pakistan has welcomed this move. He is receiving appreciations for all over Pakistan.

Along with appreciations, he was also trolled. When he landed to USA, no top American official was present to receive Imran Khan. Imran Khan was welcomed by his own Foreign minister along with one American official. President Trump did not fulfil His grand welcome expectations.

He, while addressing Pakistani-Americans, said he will make world’s best Cricket team. He might forgot that he is Prime Minister of Pakistan and not the Coach of National Cricket team. people who attended the conference were mostly supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Imran Khan again raised Kashmir issue like Cry baby.

PM of Pakistan did not missed the chance to discuss about Kashmir. Pakistan wants Trump to Mediate between two countries over decades old issue. India, on other hand, clear it’s stand on Kashmir issue. This is unfortunate for Pakistan that they are still trying to enter Kashmir at the time when India has reached on Moon and Mars.

Imran Khan admitting presence of terrorism in Pakistan

Imran khan during his visit, accepted presence of terrorism in Pakistan. He also stated that Pakistani Government hidden the truth to world. Terrorism is threat not only to India but the whole world. Pakistan is the safe haven for terrorists. That’s the reason, there is Pakistan connection in almost every terror attack in world.

“Until we came to power, the government did not have the political will. When you talk about militant groups,they still have about 30,000-40,000 armed people who have been trained and fought in some part of Afghanistan or maybe Kashmir,” Khan said.

Pakistan is facing the serious issue of getting blacklisted by FATF. It seems his US visit was efforts to start getting funds by US, which was stopped by Trump Administration. Pakistan is facing worst economic conditions and if same continue, Situation of Pakistan will be just like Syria.

In his meeting with President Trump, Trump’s more focus was on Afghanistan. While Pakistan’s main focus on India. Trump one side seeking positive role of Pakistan to establish peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan on other side want Trump to mediate between India-Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

In response to Kashmir issue, Indian MEA said, India has never asked Trump to Mediate. Indian Defence Minister said “This issue should be resolved bilaterally. When discussing on Kashmir, POK must be included.”

If we talk about the take away for Imran Khan for his country, he has not got anything big from his trip other than raising 7 decade old Kashmir issue.