Jammu Kashmir : Politics, Propaganda, Pakistan and Peace

Indian flag waving over civil secretariat building in Srinagar

It has been 21 days since removal of special status for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In this 21 days, Politics is on it’s peak. Propaganda machines are pushing their agenda ahead. Pakistan is running pillar to post for what does not belong to him. Government, Administration, Army is trying hard to maintain peace in Valley.

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Politics over Kashmir

Congress is divided in 2 groups on abrogation of Article 370. One side leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Hooda, Milind Deora, Aditi Singh and some more leaders supported abrogation of Article 370. On other hand Ghulam Nabi Azad, Adhir ranjan chowdhury, Rahul Gandhi, Chidambaram, Shashi Tharoor opposed the abrogation of it.

Opposition parties like Congress, CPI, TMC, SP, JDU have repeatedly said that situation in Kashmir is not in control. Surprisingly, except Congress, no one have any base in state and hardly ever they visited Kashmir.

On saturday, opposition leaders in leadership of Congress reached Srinagar. They were returned from the airport itself and wasn’t allowed to enter in city. Rahul Gandhi visited Srinagar on invite of Governor, but he never believed what Indian Army said.

Mayawati briefing press over visit of leaders to Srinagar. She said “Babasaheb was also against Article 370”

What may be interesting is, Mayawati has criticized Rahul Gandhi and all those who visited Srinagar. She said that it will take time to normalize the situation. Rahul Gandhi could have waited for some time. Mayawati has accused center on several issues but supported Government move on Article 370.

Congress is accused to work for Separatist and Pakistan. BJP has accused Congress for playing the dirty politics over Kashmir. Pakistani media is making remarks of Congress and other leaders as their base to oppose abrogation of Article 370. Click here to see why we say this.

Rahul Gandhi was returned from Srinagar Airport.

Rahul Gandhi reached Srinagar on Saturday after invitation from Governor Satyapal Malik on twitter. On Friday, administration ask politicians not to have political tour in valley since it can disrupt peace in valley. However, Rahul Gandhi decided to visit at that time when administration advised not to come.

Propaganda on Kashmir issue

Propaganda machine (activist, media and nations) to show all is not well in valley, is active. Fake video on twitter by Pakistani twitter handles claiming to be kashmir, is not new. It has always been the work from their side. After abrogation of Article 370, it has significantly increased. Sharing old videos, videos from Balochistan and claiming to be Kashmir is circulating on Social media. Several other international media have done reporting and spread rumors about Kashmir.

Rumours of shortage of life saving medicine, end number of detentions, killing of people, violations of Human rights are spread. Indian Army, Administration and Government have confirmed that it is all fake and asked people to report such news. Government has also warned people of strict action if they are caught sharing fake news.

Yesterday, Delhi BJP chief Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga have shared the call recording on twitter. In recording, he shared how Pakistanis’ are paying money to people to join protest. Lady on call is heard giving 5 US Dollars per person if they join protest against India. She claimed to be of Pakistani Origin. It shows how protests are done in other countries against India.

Few reports from India are also part of Propaganda mechanism.

Upset and humiliated Pakistan
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

If there is anyone who is more upset with peace in Kashmir, that is Pakistan. Pakistan is running from pillar to post and foul crying over Kashmir. There was unofficial closed door meeting of UNSC, which was in favor of India. Except China, everyone backed that this should be resolved bilaterally. Islamic countries also believed, this is internal matter of India.

US, UAE, UK, France, Russia, Maldives, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Germany, Poland, Japan have openly backed India. The only country with Pakistan is China.

The last thing Pakistan has done and kept doing is empty threat of war to India. Pakistan threatened nuclear war after G7 meet of Modi and Trump. Imran Khan asked every Pakistani to stand from 12:00 to 12:30 in afternoon in solidarity with Kashmiris. It’s only Imran khan knows what will he or Pakistanis get by doing this. During his first official visit to US, no one came to welcome him last month.

Peace is bac in Valley

Definitely, there is still Curfew in some parts of Valley but situation is largely peaceful. Few stone pelting incidents were reported but the number of people involved in this were fewer than the normal incident of stone pelting. Things are becoming normal very fast. restrictions are been lifted time to time. Administration is making sure that no problem should be created for anyone.

Modi, Trump at G7
Modi and Trump met ahead of G7 summit

On Monday, President Donald Trump and Modi addressed joint press conference in France, India’s stand was clear. Modi said, “There are many issues between India and Pakistan which can be resolved bilaterally. We never give problem to another country to mediate.

Wherein Donald Trump said, “I spoke with Prime Minister of Pakistan and advised to resolved the issue with talk. I refused the offer to mediate.”

There is one thing clear, Pakistan’s focus since 1948 is Kashmir and not on it’s own people. Kashmir is heading towards peace and development. Kashmir has and will remain the part of India.

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