Karnataka Crisis : That’s all happening right here

In the year 2018 of Karnataka election, no political party got majority mark to form Government. However, BJP became the single largest Party of the house. In the 224 seats, Majority Mark is 113.

BJP won 104 Falling short of 9 seats to make government comfortably. Congress 78, JDS 37 while others just got 3 seat. As a result, BJP, being single largest Party, Got first chance to form Government by Governor. BJP formed government with 2 days time to prove majority with floor test. Before the floor test, BS Yeddyurappa, resigned from the Post of CM only after 6 days of forming Government.

Now, after 14 months, 20 Rebel MLAs’ of Congress, JDS and Independent candidates have resigned from their post. Now strength of Karnataka Assembly is 204 and majority mark to form Government is 103. BJP Currently has 105 MLA and in today’s scenario, BJP seems to be in comfort position to form Government.

After 20 MLA Resigned, the Coalition government was having issues to run the minority government. Main opposition Party in state asked for the trust vote. Speaker K. R. Ramesh Kumar asked Government to prove majority.

On Thursday, Karnataka Assembly Gathered for the floor test and everyone predicted the collapse of current Government. But, Government was having its own plans. JDS-Congress gave 26 names for speech, and everyone was taking average time of 15-20 minutes. and after lot of discussion and blame game and arguments, trust vote was postponed to Friday.

As expected by political experts, Government was not in a mood to go for floor test. It happened exactly in same manner. Former CM Siddaramaiah Was talking about Whip and other issues. BJP Was accusing to delay the trust vote intentionally. Till that time, Karnataka state chief moved to SC on Clarity of Whip. Deadline set by Governor of 6pm to complete trust vote was taken to Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional. Speaker after ruckus adjourned the house till Monday.

Bengaluru: Congress MLAs demand Assembly be adjourned for the day during Assembly Session at Vidhana Soudha, in Bengaluru, Friday, July 19, 2019. (PTI Photo/Shailendra Bhojak) (PTI7_19_2019_000273B)

All eyes were on Speaker. Yesterday, despite speaker asked Government to follow it’s commitment to complete the floor test same day, Government failed. Speaker K. R. Ramesh Kumar also said, ” Don’t make me scapegoat”. There was an event when speaker refused to adjourn the house until Trust vote process do not complete. After lot of explanation and argument between ruling party and opposition, House was again adjourned till tuesday.

Speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar while listening to Members and seeing Ruckus happening in Assembly

It seems that Congress-JDS never want the state to slip from it’s hands. Just for information, Karnataka was the state from where non-NDA Parties started getting together till 2019 General election. After assembly elections in 2018, one question everyone had “How long this government can run?”

All eyes are on Speaker today and we hope time and money of Hard working common people will be saved by the MLA’s which was elected by them only.