Maharashtra election tomorrow. Issue picked up by Ruling parties and opposition

Voters of Maharashtra and Haryana are going to cast their votes on Monday, October 21. The result will be declared on 24th of October. Here are the issues in Maharashtra state which were discussed by the opposition and ruling parties.

Aarey Forest’s opposition miss

Aarey forest demolition by BJP Government, which was passed by Bombay HC was started on Oct 4 for Metro shed. Before Election, it was the readymade issue for the opposition. Interestingly, the Party who opposed the cutting of trees in Aarey was ShivSena, the ruling Party. Opposition missed this issue which could have given benefit in election time.

Removal of Art 370 and 35A

Since Modi 2.0, BJP and political analyst claim Removing Article 370 was one of the best decisions the Government has taken. However, Congress has claimed BJP has misused power and betrayed the Kashmiri people. Amit Shah dared Chiefs of Congress and NCP to restore Article 370 if voted to power.

Manmohan Singh’s recently commented on Article 370 and said, “Congress supported abrogation of Article 370”, However, people have seen the act of Congress in Parliament on Aug 5.

Veer Savarkar

Announcing Bharat Ratna to Freedom Fighter, Veer Savarkar was one of the most talked issues in Maharashtra. Congress doesn’t recognize Savarkar as Patriot. However, Indira Gandhi’s letter in 1980 shows that Congress used to respect Veer Savarkar.

This letter was written by Indira Gandhi in 1980 which is opposite of what today’s congress says

Congress is claiming this move is political. BJP in respond says “Only Nehru and Gandhi are Freedom fighter and they (Congress) don’t recognize anyone else as Freedom Fighter”

Unemployment in the state

Unemployment is the issue congress focused more in Maharashtra assembly election. In the manifesto of Congress-NCP, They announced the Rs. 5000 to every unemployed youth if voted to power. This scheme is as same as NYAY but this time it’s only for individual youths who are unemployed. Devendra Fadnavis, on the other hand, claimed that the Employment rate has increased in Maharashtra.

PMC Bank Scam

One of the issues for which even Spokespersons of BJP are not able to defend the Party and opposition is in attacking mode is the PMC Bank issue. After restrictions by RBI Bank on transactions for account holders and the death of 4 people due to financial crisis, BJP is on the back foot. People are not able to use their own money. Anger against the ruling party over the issue is increasing. Currently, the limit to withdraw amount is 40,000 in six months.

Poor condition of Farmers

Farmers in Maharashtra are always the topic during the election. Everyone talks for them but it seems no one has yet worked for them. As per RTI, around 15000 Farmers have committed suicide in the last 6 years. Sadly, they are still an election issue and government and opposition like to talk about them but not work for them.

Modi factor

This is not an issue but the factor which is in favor of BJP. Most MLAs in Maharashtra are seeking votes not by the work they have done but by the image of Narendra Modi. The opposition has also targeted Modi for a lot of issues, be it recession, economic failure, misuse of power, misuse of institutions and more.

Sharad Pawar’s Viral pic of Satara

If you use social media, you must have seen the pic of Sharad Pawar addressing the Public meeting in spite of when there is heavy rain. If not yet, here it is

Sharad Pawar did not stop his speech even when there was heavy rain

This picture went viral and people started appreciating the Chief of NCP Sharad Pawar. Some social media users and NCP supporters compared Sharad Pawar with Narendra Modi and claimed that NCP Chief is more hardworking than Narendra Modi.

If you are voter from Maharashtra and Haryana, Go and vote. This opportunity comes once every 5 years. Every vote counts.  ” The one sure way of participating in the process of nation-building is to vote on the election day. “

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  1. Great insides for a layman who doesn’t know much about Indian politics and all, this will definitely improve knowledge help to take decision before voting.

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