PM Modi on 20th Kargil Vijay Diwas

Modi while addressing during 20th Kargil Vijay diwas’s closing ceremony.

PM Modi was present to attend the closing Ceremony of 20th Kargil Vijay Diwas in Delhi

PM Narendra Modi was attending the closing Ceremony of Kargil Vijay Diwas at IGI stadium. Here are key points of his speech

  • PM started his speech with tribute to the soldiers and martyrs of Kargil War. He also paid tributes to Mothers of brave soldiers.
  • Narendra Modi said, “Kargil Vijay will inspire each and every Indian for Generations after Generation.”
  • Kargil Vijay was the perfect example for the world. Indian Army shown how to fight war with Bravery, sacrifice, patience and discipline.
  • War is not between governments. It is of the nation and all people participate in war. Kargil War was fought by whole India.

Modi Also Targeted Pakistan with its history of Betrayal since it’s formation

Narendra Modi targeted Pakistan in his speech. He said that Pakistan has history of betrayal. Be in 1948, 1965 or 1971, we have always seen the betrayal of Pakistan. But in 1999, we gave befitting reply and became victorious just like earlier wars.

PM hits out at Pak sponsored terrorism

PM targeted Pakistan sponsored terrorism. He stated, Terrorism is the policy of few governments. We will keep fighting terrorism. Our Army has been dealing with them and will eliminate terrorism.

PM Modi mentioned Proxy war of Pakistan in his speech. He stated “Wars are now fought in space now. Technology is playing vital role in wars now. Terrorism is key point of Proxy war by neighbor.

Narendra Modi on modernization of Armed forces

Modi, in his speech, mentioned about Make In India, FDI in defense sector. He said modernization of Armed forces is need of an hour. We will make sure that our armed forces get modern equipments.

Modi also said that we will keep taking steps to save resources and will use full potential of us to save our interest. We will never take steps in someone’s influence or pressure.

Achievement of Modi Government

Narendra Modi mentioned OROP, National war Memorial in his speech. OROP, was long waited pension scheme for retired army veterans.

PM Narendra Modi shared his experience when he was present in Kargil during War.

Pakistan’s Intentions for Kargil War

Prime Minister also mentioned what Pakistan was thinking after capturing Kargil. He said “Pakistan intended to have LOC on Kargil. Kargil should be on his side. International Intervention and Ceasefire with same situation. So Pakistan will have Kargil with their side, but Atal ji shown will and our Army bravery.

PM Narendra Modi ended his speech with “Bharat Mata ki Jai” Slogan.