Rahul Gandhi is in Bangkok again. Twitter users trolled him.

Rahul Gandhi, the ex-chairperson of the Congress Party has been trolled for his visit to Bangkok. Twitteriet asked him why he goes to Bangkok again and again.

Rahul Gandhi often visits foreign countries but his love with Bangkok is inexplicable. Be it before elections, after elections, or even when there is no election, he keeps visiting Bangkok. Few twitter handlers trolled him and few raised the serious concern over his visit.

WION Journalist Kartikeya Sharma (Kartikeya_1975) tweeted about his Bangkok visit and soon after that, twitter users started reacting on microblogging site.

Here are few tweets who trolled Rahul Gandhi for his Bangkok tour.


Some also raised concerns over the timing of the visit. In just couple of weeks, there are elections in 2 States, Maharashtra and Haryana. Here are few tweets which raises concern over his tour.

There is one thing for sure is, BJP and other parties have got the point to attack Congress in the election bound states. Congress’s performance is already poor in these states. After his visit, Congress’s performance can affect more.

Elections will be held in Maharashtra and Haryana on 21st October and results will be declared on 24th.


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