US imposed visa restrictions on Chinese officials and Communist party officials

Till now, world has heard the trade war between US and China. However, they both can be in another war, and this time it’s for religious minority of China.

Uighur Muslims faces atrocities in China and they don’t have freedom to perform their religious rights. Till now, International Communities is seen ignoring them but Trump led government has made it a issue to target China.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo informed about new restrictions. He twitted “China has forcibly detained over one million Muslims in brutal, systematic campaign to erase religion and culture in Xinjiang. China must end it’s draconian surveillance and repression, release all those arbitrarily detained and cease its coercion of Chinese Muslims abroad.”

Imran’s Islamophobia doesn’t apply in China?

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi’s speech was more focused on 2 points more. First Islamophobia and Kashmir. In his 50 min long speech (only 17 mins were allotted to him) he tried to become the leader of Muslims and kept pointing Western countries over Islamophobia. However, there was no single word over Ethnic cleansing of Uighur Muslims in China.

As per letter written to UN, 37 countries had defended China’s action against Uighur Muslims in July this year.

Why no word by Pakistan PM on Uighur Muslims?

This is very well known to the world that why Pakistan never dare to speak against China. Surely because of Debt. But how much Pakistan owes to China, no one knows. As per report, Pakistan owes more money to China that it owes to IMF. $19 billion loan is taken only for China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Now the situation is so worst for Pakistan that it has to take loan from IMF again to pay out to China in mid of 2020.

Human rights volition in China

Uighur Muslims in china are not allowed to offer Namaz (Islamic prayer), Celebrate their festivals, have the freedom of expression, equal opportunities. China is working systematically to clean the Uighur Muslims from China and they force women for abortion, kidnap and kill Young Muslims or throw them at some unknown places. Sometimes their bodies are also not found.

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  1. What kind of people do that kind of decisions on the Muslims living on that place. I would agree on the US imposed this visa restrictions to let the Chinese know that what they have done is wrong and not fair.

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